PSt3 and PSt6 oxygen sensors

PSt3 and PSt6 oxygen sensors are specific to the oxygen measurement both in gas phase and liquid phase. They do not have any cross sensitivity for carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), pH, any ionic species like sulfide, sulfate, chloride or salinity. Turbidity and flow rates, even high, have no influence on the measurement. The sensors can also be used in methanol – and ethanol –water mixtures as well as in pure methanol and ethanol.

PSt3 and PSt6 oxygen sensors are pre-calibrated. Each batch of sensors has a corresponding QR code which is used to enter calibration. For more information, please download the NomaSense O2 Quick Guide .

PSt3 sensors are designed for the NomaSense O2 P300, and can also be used with the P6000, with a limit of detection of 15 µg/L (measurement range for dissolved oxygen: 0 – 22 mg/L). PSt6 sensors have a limit of detection of 1 µg/L, dissolved oxygen measuring range from 0 to 1.8 mg/L and are suitable only for the NomaSense O2 P6000.

Oxygen sensors are non-autoclavable (NAU). They are resistant to cleaning up to 70°C, 3 % H2O2 and up to 4-5 % for acidic agents (HCl, H2SO2).Avoid exposure to more than 70 - 80°C frequently and also avoid organic solvents (acetone, toluene ...). Sensors are photosensitive, it is recommended to keep them in a dark place when they are not used. We also recommend avoiding organic solvents, such as acetone, chloroform or methylene chloride, which may swell the sensor matrix.

PSt3 and PSt6 sensors are food grade compliant. Two different sizes are available for PSt3 sensors . The 5 mm is used for measurements in the bottle. Larger diameter, 10 mm, is recommended to equip sight glasses and is also used for the Inline Tool .

To order PSt3 or PSt6 sensors, please contact us