Optical Fibers

Several optical fibers are available and allow different applications: short optical fiber, long polymer optical fiber and polymer optical fiber for sight glass. The short optical fiber is included when purchasing a NomaSense O2. The other two may be purchased separately if needed. Whatever the fiber used, the connection with the oxygen analyzer is the same.

Short optical fiber

The short optical fiber, 5 cm, stainless steel, allows non-destructive measurements, during bottling for example, on equipped bottles with oxygen sensors.

Long polymer optical fiber and polymer optical fiber for sight glass

The long polymer optical fiber, 2.5 meters long and flexible, facilitates measurements done on surfaces not easy to access, such as for example in the case of measurements made on the sensor in the syringe when using our Piercing System . Polymer optical fiber for sight glass is equipped with a velcro system to maintain the optical fiber on the sight glass during the measurement.

To order the fiber of your choice, do not hesitate to contact us