NomaSense PolyScan P200 Incorporates New Expert Rules to Optimize Decision-Making

December 11, 2019 —  “In order to better meet the expectations of winemakers, we have designed the NomaSense PolyScan P200 to be able to regularly integrate new features and improvements through the analyzer application update,” explains Stéphane Vidal, Vice President of Enology and Wine Quality Solutions (WQS) at Vinventions.

The WQS team recently launched of a new version of the technology that now incorporates the on-screen display of Expert Rules for three stages of the winemaking process: the press monitoring of white and rosé juices, the hyperoxygenation of white musts and the micro-oxygenation of red wines.

With tens of thousands of data points collected, we were able to create Expert Rules, a sort of oenological recommendation. These Expert Rules give the user an additional indication during measurement to guide them in the control of these steps,” explains Christine Pascal, Enological Research Manager at Vinventions.

  • During a pressing, when a significant difference in the juices’ polyphenol content is detected, a message appears on-screen to alert the user about the optimal moment of juice separation.
  • For hyperoxygenation, the analyzer sends a proposal to stop oxygen delivery when a significant decrease in polyphenol concentration is detected.
  • Finally, for the first time, decision assistance for piloting the micro-oxygenation of red wines is made available. Micro-oxygenation is a delicate operation, and usually, the adjustment of oxygen supply was done only with the help of the wine tasting.The expert rule provides additional help in the conduct of this technique, in addition to tasting. The analyzes performed with the NomaSense PolyScan P200 allow detecting when to decrease the oxygen supply rate.

"We are now able to answer our customers' main question—how can the NomaSense PolyScan P200 help them further strengthen their choices," adds Romain Thomas; Brand Manager WQS

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