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Wine Quality Solutions Launches the NomaSense™ Oxymeter

The NomaSense™ Oxymeter is the latest addition to the Wine Quality Solutions (WQS) line of portable analyzers. Very easy to use and affordable for every production unit size, this device accurately measures dissolved oxygen in wine at all winemaking steps.

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Gain access to more than a decade of industry research on oxygen and polyphenol management by watching our webinars

Extending wine shelf-life thanks to oxygen management

"We started with the optimization of our bottling practices before generalizing our gas management approach to the whole winemaking process",
José María Nieto Carrasco, Enologist, Bodega Solaz

Estandon becomes expert in oxygen management

Key player in the Provence French wine region, renowned for the quality of its rosé wines, Estandon Vignerons has made oxygen control an essential tool for the continuous improvement of their practices.

NomaSense CO2 P2000 analyzer: accurate measurements in laboratories and cellars

Dissolved carbon dioxide in wines is a key quality parameter and plays a major role in the wine sensory profile. Measuring accurately the dissolved CO2 concentration is therefore crucial, both in the enological and consulting laboratories and directly in the cellar.

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We launch a series of 4 webinars in 2019 dedicated to oxygen and polyphenols management in wine.
Gain access to more than a decade of industry research in oxygen and polyphenol management by joining our webinars

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Ravoire & Fils: Oxygen management at the heart of quality initiatives

The Ravoire & Fils company, trading at nearly 5 million bottles per year, has been closely examining oxygen management during bottling

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Shelf Life: How to Forecast and Manage It

Does shelf life also apply to wine? Right now, no wine label bears the words “best if consumed before…”