NomaSense Color P100

Color is a key factor in the quality of wine that can be observed by the taster or the consumer immediately. Color evaluation in the wine industry is commonly carried out measuring absorbances at 420, 520 and 620 nm, although this does not allow to define color objectively. The CIELab color space, an alternative approach to color measurement largely used in other industries, lets you define color accurately as it is perceived by the human eye, thanks to the Cartesian coordinates L*a*b* and the polar coordinates L*C*h*.

The NomaSense Color P100 analyzer is a portable colorimeter that measures wine color in the CIELab system, based on reflectance technology. There are many different applications for this analyzer, including the definition of a “target” color to achieve, or monitoring color during the winemaking process, using real-time checks in the winery.