Nomasense O2 P300&P6000

Oxygen can play a pivotal role in shaping wine’s sensory profile and also has the potential to make or break a wine. Proper oxygen management strategies are essential in helping winemakers deliver the best possible wine, and therefore require certain tools to measure and control oxygen.

Thanks to a technology based on luminescence, combined with the use of remote sensors and accessories, the portable NomaSense O2 analyzer allows to measure oxygen levels in the winery, including oxygen dissolved in wine and in gas phases. Oxygen can be measured at every stage of the winemaking process, and more particularly during the bottling stage, whether you are using bottles or Bag-in-Box®.

NomaSense O2 P6000 measuring capabilities also match analytical and research laboratories requirements in terms of trace analysis for measuring permeabilities of different package types, especially wine closures or monitoring very low dissolved oxygen concentrations during ageing steps.

The technology was validated through a scientific collaboration with world renowned institutes. The most influential wine research centers are now using this technology in their programs to better understand oxygen’s influence on wine development.