Nomasense Oxymeter

Based on luminescence technology, the NomaSense Oxymeter has the same precision, reliability, and ruggedness that makes our oxygen analyzers industry-standards.

This portable analyzer allows wine producers to measure the dissolved oxygen of wines  in real-time at all stages of the winemaking process, at concentrations of 0 to 22 mg/L, with high measurement accuracy (± 0.04 mg/L, detection limit of 15 μg/L).

Very easy to use, the analyzer is connected via Bluetooth to a smartphone application from which the user controls the analyzer, sets the measurements, launches them and can save the data and export them. Flexible, a probe with a diameter of 12 mm allows to immerse the sensor in any type of container, including  bottle of wine. 

Many delicate cellar operations, such as filtration and cold stabilization, as well as all wine transfers, can be  easily monitored. 

All practical information and technical features are available below.