The NomaSense PolyScan P200 is the first analyzer to measure in real-time the must or wine polyphenol content at different winemaking stages. The method is simple, direct and rapid. A sample is dripped without any preparation on disposable electrodes.

Results are displayed on the analyzer’s touchscreen after a few seconds in the form of indexes—EasyOx and PhenOx—indicating, respectively, the easily oxidizable polyphenols and total polyphenols levels. These indexes allow the winemaker to manage critical elaboration phases such as pressing or fermentative skin contact based on objective measurements of the quality of musts and wines. Two other indexes are also available to facilitate winemaking monitoring and management for red wines: the Tannins / Anthocyanins (TAN/AN) ratio and the Total Phenol Index (TPI). The TAN/AN ratio is displayed  when measurements are performed in traditional maceration monitoring or thermovification, in addition to the PhenOx and EasyOx indexes already displayed. In the case of traditional macerations, the TPI, which is directly correlated to the absorbance at 280 nm, is added to the three previous ones.

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