Piercing System & Sparkling Piercing System

The Piercing System is a tool for sampling the air contained in the headspace just after closing (or capping) the bottle during bottling. This system responds to all situations where the non-destructive measurement of total package oxygen or TPO is not possible because equipped bottle with oxygen sensors cannot be used. This is the case when the TPO must be measured on a dark glass, or when the bottle shape and/or size have no equivalent in transparent glass bottle. The Piercing System allows measuring TPO at bottling, in a destructive way, for any type of bottle form, color or size (see Application Note N ° 5).

Two models available: for still wines and sparkling wines

Two models of the Piercing System are available. The classic model for still wines named Piercing System and the secure model for sparkling wines, called Sparkling Piercing System. The Sparkling Piercing System has an additional safety system that retains the syringe and prevents its possible expulsion under the effect of the pressure (contained in bottles of sparkling wines) when piercing the closure. Users can safely pierce the wire gace + closure or crown cap to take a sample from the head space of the bottle and measure the HSO. The use of both models remains the same.